Fall Beauty Trends: A Dark Romance

The beauty trend for this fall is the story of a dark romance. A story of amour de propre versus amour de soi, meaning a self-love contingent upon approval of others versus a self-love influenced only by how one envisions herself. This woman is strong, cerebral, indomitable, unorthodox, and her glamour is for herself- amour de soi. She dresses in what makes her feel confident and her beauty routine reflects this. 

The fall 2012 color palette consists of dark gem-tones to create smoky eyes and dark lips. The look was anything but ordinary and certainly not traditional. To create a smoky eye, black and brown were used when paired with a dark, bordeaux lip but many designers used unexpected colors, such as orange and red. 

This look from Donna Karan is sultry and a tad unusual, giving the girl an almost animalistic quality. It can be toned down to be worn during the day or as shown here for a night out. 

Blumarine used dark eyeliner and an orange shadow for a twist on the traditional smoky eye.

Donna Karan

Dries Van Noten chose to use an orange eyeshadow and left the rest of the face bare. The look highlights your skin and emphasize your eyes. 

Dries Van Noten

Gucci used brown eyeshadow and red lipstick with a glossy finish and the bleached brows leave all the emphasis on the lips. To get this look you don’t have to permanently bleach your brows, you can brush a gel eyeshadow in ivory onto your brows to pull off a similar look. This will work best for ladies with blonde brows. For those with dark brows it will only lighten them some but you will still get a similar effect.


Alice and Olivia created an exaggerated cat eye for a dramatic look. 

Alice and Olivia

Behnaz Sarafpour

I love the starkness of fair skin with a dark red lip. 

Balmain created bronzed faces with a red lip. 

Jil Sander


Christian Dior


Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Slate grey is the color neutral for nails this fall.

Vivienne Westwood


Adorned eyebrows were the look du jour at Chanel. 

For me, this look for the Gucci show epitomizes the fall 2012 trend. The emerald gown contrasts beautifully with the bordeaux lips and brown smoky eyes. It’s romantic but the lips make it a dark romance. 

What do you think of the beauty trends this fall? Are you audacious enough to give it a try? 


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